It doesn’t matter how pretty the words are…

It’s never more apparent to me that I don’t belong than on a Sunday morning.

It doesn’t matter how pretty the words are, how “right” they sound, or even what the other person says, if her actions don’t say the same thing, her actions speak louder and clearer than words ever could.

It hurts, and I’m tired of hurting.

I feel torn and I don’t see any solution right now. And goodness knows, I’m a mess and bring all that to the table which no doubt complicates things, but I don’t believe anymore that it’s all me.

So tell me, what criteria do you use when looking for a church?

2 thoughts on “It doesn’t matter how pretty the words are…

  1. I always have to remember that church isn’t a museum for the saints, its a hospital for the broken and hurting. People shouldn’t be expected to be perfect. I hope you find peace where you are and that God blesses you.

  2. I am so sorry that you are struggling so… I dont know about everyone else, but for me, feeling welcome is the biggest thing. If the congregation as a whole doesn’t feel welcoming and non-judgy, I’m outta there. I mean, we are ALL messed up in one way or another. We are all sinners. I dont want to be around a bunch of hoity toity do-gooders that act as though they are better than me. The other big thing for me has been the Pastor. I don’t like being preached AT. I prefer a Pastor that teaches, that leads, that provokes my heart and soul, that makes me think… I also believe a good church needs to be involved in community outreach, and they should be striving to reach/teach the youth of the community. :). I pray that He leads you to where you need to be…

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