It’s December Again

It’s December again. Another holiday season in full force…lots of family stuff going on everywhere.

It’s a constant reminder some days that I no longer have any family. Lots of anniversaries this month and next doesn’t help either.

“It’s a gathering for families.” “Here’s a handout for families to use this month. Oh wait, you don’t need one.” “I didn’t think you be interested because you don’t have any family.”

Actual words, none said with ill intentions.

It’s not mutually exclusive to December…but it happens more during the holidays.

I’m trying, but it’s hard. Radiation side effects are not helping, nor are multiple failures recently.

Because I know none of the above is actually what Christmas is about.

Knowing that doesn’t help on days like today particularly, but I have to believe that trying to keep some perspectve and focus will eventually help.

23 days…

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