Last night around 11:15 pm in a fit of fury because Luke was outside barking nonstop I stumbled out of bed to head to the bathroom to get my flip flops to go outside and drag him in.

A scorpion greeted me with a sharp sting to the foot when I opened the door. Sixteen hours later I’m still waiting for the numbness and tingling to leave my foot. I know it’s getting better because this morning my leg was involved as well.

The puppy was fascinated all night with the cold compress I kept on the sting as suggested by poison control.  At one point she worked very hard to lay her head on top of it.That hasn’t stopped her from stepping on my foot or trying to lick it more than once today. She always looks puzzled when I yelp in pain.

It certainly changed my plans for the day and has slowed me down considerably.

I had planned to paint today.

Instead I went in for a tetanus shot and was given directions to rest and wait it out.

Since I’m trying to keep my foot elevated (in the recliner) all three dogs seem to feel my sitting in the recliner is a personal invitation to climb on my lap. Luke weighs more than I do. Leia weighs 80 pounds now and Lucy 50. There’s not room for one of them, much less all three.

Now if they would just learn to bring me coffee, or my book that’s across the room….

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