Last Sunday

Last Sunday I left church during the greeting time.

I went alone which isn’t all that unusual.

I was feeling very conscious of the fact that I have very thin hair on one side of my head (even bald in one area) courtesy of radiation three weeks ago this Monday…even though I was assured it wasn’t noticeable by multiple sources.

A family with a teenage girl sat next to me. The teen leaned as far away from me as she could, refusing to share the book with the responsive reading with me even.

When it was time to greet, and I turned to greet them, they moved away to greet others.

I felt shunned and unwanted.

I felt like something was wrong with me.

I’m not unaware a week later that the behavior is not unusual for a teen, and especially a female teen.

Last week it didn’t matter, and I’m not sure if it happened this morning if it would matter either.

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